DanaiDesigns.com – Business Website w/ Ecommerce Functionality

The web is changing so are shopping cart websites. Our Fort Lauderdale web design team not only recognizing it, but also acting on it with our business clients in mind way – by adding all newest Shopping Cart functionality options into our ecommerce designs.

When you are running a business, you need a website just as much as you need an office space or shop, but these days you need a different type of website design for different type of business. In this example Danai Designs is running a small custom jewelry business in Fort Lauderdale, so obviously she choose an shopping cart web design for her business website.

Shopping Cart Web Design Based on WordPress Platform

WordPress is the most popular website platform today and combined with ecommerce functionality will deliver robust and extremely functional shopping cart website. Design has all ecommerce elements and functions implemented and very easy to customize or edit. Setting up of Credit Card payment gateway is the matter of few clicks as opposite to few weeks of custom coding work in old days.

As any good shopping cart web design, DanaiDesigns website does not only look great at store-front, but is very easy to update and manage by owner in the back-end. Adding a new product to shopping cart can be done in few minutes, even in bulk via spreadsheet import, Inventory can be managed separately with all products ‘always available’ or by shopping cart website w/ designed inventory function. Custom search, cross-selling and table rate shipping calculator are also parts of this shopping cart web design.

Responsive Design is a MUST for today’s online business.

Take a look around and you will see that the way in which people access the internet has become varied. Rather than accessing it through a desktop computer, stowed away in the corner of their home, people now access it through a multitude of devices, most of them mobile. That being said, you need to launch a website that not only works with these devices, but also one that is highly responsive.

Responsive structure is crucial for modern shopping cart web design, and one necessitated by the introduction of newer handheld devices like iPad, Tablets or simply cell phone w/ web browsing capability. As you know, each device has its own resolution and own features, and with that being the case, so too should the website in question. The most important responsive element of this shopping cart website is option to clearly view and browse products and complete checkout using cell phone or any other mobile device.

Professional Ecommerce Web Design in Fort Lauderdale

Danai Designs is a great ecommerce website example done by our experienced Fort Lauderdale web designers. The product, or rather jewelry, is shown in an efficient manner, and purchasing is made incredibly easy with the shopping cart one page checkout option. All modern websites will require a good and simple checkout or dependable shopping cart system, and that is where we enter the picture. Each product of the shopping cart is design to show in a simple and yet very elegant manner, and can be ordered with a click or a touch, making this website one for the modern age.

Websites are much more complex now than they were in recent years, and with that being the case, you are going to need a professional – someone who knows the ins and outs of both web design and SEO. Danai Deisgns, Fort Lauderdale local business, benefits from a design that caters to the individual whether they can access a computer or are simply restricted to a phone/tablet. The world is changing, and your website needs to change along with it.