Online Google Adwords (PPC) Learning Course

If you’re a business owner on a budget looking to figure out how to use Google Adwords, there is a online Google Adwords learning course available now for a very low cost. The course is extremely easy and very effective, once you’re done taking the course you’ll be an Adwords pro!

We here at Ewebproject know that sometimes small businesses have a small budget for advertising and want to try and handle as much work in house as possible. When you feel that you don’t need to outsource PPC management services, you can always consider this online PPC training course to learn how to use Adwords on your own. Let’s go over what you’ll learn in this course when you sign up.

The Best Adwords Training Courses Online

In the learning course, SEM/SEO expert Sergio Aicardi (instructor) will teach you everything needed to setup and manage a successful Google Adwords marketing campaign (aka ppc campaign

[s]). The learning course combines written lectures with follow up video recap lectures for each section (total of 7 sections).
The first section introduces Google Adwords terminonology to the student so that the beginners who have never heard of terms like “ad groups” or “negative keywords” can become familiar with that these terms mean while taking the PPC training class online. The intro section will also cover how to leverage psychology into your marketing strategy so that you can have an edge on your competition.

The second section covers how to develop your strategy for your campaigns. It will go over how to research your competitors, how to do keyword research, how to organize your keyword research, how to reverse engineer your competitor’s efforts and how to use historical data to your advantage if you have it.

The third section explains how to optimize your website so that you can convert visitors into customer or inquiries at a better rate (aka conversion rate). In section three you’ll learn how to create a well optimized website navigation, how to optimize your check out process or goal flow (steps needed to complete an action such as sign up for a newsletter or quote form submission). The third section will also cover how to test your websites compatibility across devices (tablets, mobile phones and pc’s) to ensure they’re compatible which is critically important now-a-days.
In section 4, the instructor will explain how to setup Google Analytics tracking for website behavior, form submission tracking, phone call tracking and ecommerce revenue tracking. This section will give you the knowledge needed to setup the most professional type of online marketing tracking system known to marketing experts. You’ll also learn how to setup professional tracking for conversion inside of Google Adwords so that you can link Adwords with Analytics and have your reporting soft wares communicate with each other.

The fifth section explains how to create search campaigns, shopping campaigns and remarketing campaigns in great detail. You’ll learn everything that there is to need to know about search campaigns and how to create your own effectively and efficiently. You’ll also learn how to do the same with Google Shopping campaigns if you happen to sell products online with an ecommerce store. In the lectures that explain how to setup remarketing campaigns you’ll learn how to create very strategic audience lists for your optimized ad groups which can yield significant results as mentioned in this blog post.

The sixth section covers how to analyze your data as your start running your campaigns to find idicators that suggest certain keywords are performing better than others. The same applies to landing pages and ads, some perform better than others that’s just the way it works. With this Google Adwords training course you’ll learn how to analyze your professional tracking data to make educated decisions on how to improve your campaigns performance.

The last section teaches you how to create a strong reputation online and how to build brand campaigns. It will also explain how to use some automated rules to help automate the mundane tasks required to run a PPC account.

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If you’re a beginner and ready to get started with an Adwords training class online, you’ll be glad you signed up for Sergio’s learning course. It’s extremely easy to follow along with and isn’t boring like most courses that teach you how to run an Adwords account. Check it out on Udemy and leave a review at the end of taking the course.