CBD products reviews combined with the affiliate account can generate a decent income for anybody. As the CBD industry is growing like a marijuana plant in a glasshouse, there is more and more CBD merchants online every minute.

Even when popularity of the product skyrockets every day and technically it is legal to sell it online, all cannabidiol products are still highly regulated. The internet sales options for CBD products are very limited because all major online marketing channels like Google PPC, Amazon or Ebay have banned most of products related to or containing CBD. This is why all CBD merchants are looking for other ways to market their products, and one of the most effective way is trough affiliate channel. The most of product reviews websites are connected to affiliate accounts in some way. Hands-on review of the product is the most trustworthy way to promote and sell it to customer, so why not to make a few bucks on it right?

BestCBDProductReviews.com website design is for one of this type of products reviews. Reviews where visitors can go directly (of curse trough affiliate channel) to the product shopping cart for purchase. This website is designed totally with the user experience in mind. Main navigation is using 2 types of drop-down menus, the full width for all CBD product categories (there is quite few of them) and standard tab dropdown for top CBD brands for users who know their market and are looking for specific brand of product.

Category pages contain a description of type of product or brand, as well as the list of reviews related to this category (or list of product reviews of the chosen brand). Every category page will have related product reviews list in the form of thumb images w/ review title and short description, displayed in 3 or 4 columns, depends of design of this particular page.

Need CBD coupon code? Boom, the whole page assigned just for that. We thought about it too when designing the website. Coupon code is absolutely the best way to bring a visitor directly to your website offering him a savings discount.

Every singe product review post has side navigation with the list of latest reviews, including the final score the product gets from reviewer. Each post is displayed in a uniform, clean way, with product image, pros and cons, and scores for each experience areas related to this type of product.

Products reviews website design has to follow certain rules, elements expected by every user from this type of website. Obviously, the website must be responsive and mobile friendly. And by mobile friendly I mean good-looking and functional on any cellphone or tablet. Clear, spacy navigation bars, fast upload with all visual elements, text, headers resized properly for as narrow as 450px view. With this web design our web development team took care of all of that.