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Our Fort Lauderdale ecommerce web design team is proud to present a Vapor Connoisseur, an WordPress based shopping cart. Website provides all common shopping cart services for vaping enthusiasts. Beside of obvious ecigarette products shopping cart functionality, website design contain static informative pages and blog with important info for vaporizer users like: How does ecigarette help the average individual? There are actually a few very important ways in which it helps. First of all, the ecigarette will actually provide the habitual smoker with the sensation of smoking, minus the tar and other harmful additives that the tobacco companies have been known to include as ‘extras’ in their product. In addition to that, the e-cigarette provides the individual with the ability to hold something in their hands, as well as experience a myriad of new flavors that they might not have been privy to otherwise.

This online shop design contains some of the best and newest e-cigarette products, ensuring that the customer has an outstanding experience. Vapor Connoisseur ecommerce design include sophisticated product options/variations functionality, inventory management and easy one-page checkout.

In addition to that there is a section for news, and even a wholesale section for those who are looking to buy in bulk at lower prices. When it comes to ease of ordering and the flow of information, this ecigarette website design truly does take the cake and provides an experience that could almost be considered euphoric when held in comparison to many other ecommerce websites. While the average customer will find the site enjoyable, they may not quite realize why.

Responsive Simplicity in Website Design

If you look at the website you may come to realize that it is slightly different from most others. First of all it is incredibly simple, yet carefully designed. Whatever you want is presented to you rather than forcing you to dig around in menus. In addition to that, the website is incredibly responsible. Responsive ecommerce website design requires the website in question to be represented on what might be considered a ‘grid’ rather than a framepage or a CSS page. Because the vast majority of users are now mobile it is absolutely vital that they be able to access the page quickly, view the information that they need, and in the end, make the purchase that they came for in the first place. Our web designers in Fort Lauderdale have created clean and modern shopping cart with true responsive guidance in mind.

To that end, our Fort Lauderdale ecommerce design team, have incorporated flawless ecigarette and vaporizer shopping cart web design sot that the customer will be able to select among a number of different products and provide payment information only once. In addition to that, the woocommerce, an wordpress shopping cart used for this design is secure and reliable, ensuring that the customer/end user has both a fun and safe experience while shopping. In a digital world, there is nothing more important than protecting both your information and the information of the customer If you are not a giant company like Sony, then a breach of privacy could prove to be devastating for you. That being said, make sure that your responsive ecommerce web design includes a nearly unbreakable level of security.

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