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There are some websites that can afford to be long and drawn out, but there are also those that need to present a quick, smooth, and clean interface to the average user. Let’s face it, with the technology available today, the old method of web surfing simply isn’t going to cut it. Though you may not have noticed, the way in which websites are created has changed significantly over the last few years, and with good reason. If you take a look at the devices used to access the internet and websites, you will notice that they are generally phones, or even smaller devices. What a person needs in a website now, is a nice, grid-like design with easy to access buttons. That being the case, our Fort Lauderdale web design pro’s created not only responsive, but also an outstanding example of ticket selling, ecommerce website design.

Events Ecommerce Website Design

Gush Events is a great opportunity for sellers and marketers from all over to reserve a spot at an event, thereby getting their product onto the market and into the public eye with as little effort as possible. Spots are limited at the events, and with that being the case, each vendor will obviously want to make sure that their spot is reserved as quickly as possible.

With ticket selling, ecommerce functionality admin can easily create an event, set a date, ticket price and publish it in minutes, making all tickets available for purchase online immediately. Although there are no merchandises here for sale – this is fully functional ecommerce web design allowing visitors to purchase tickets online in the same way they would buy some product in any given shopping cart website.

If you take a look at the website, you will notice that it features an ‘events’ section, which allows vendors to get a head start on reserving their place at each event. This type of web design is essential to many businesses today – at least businesses that want to compete.

WordPress – platform of choice for Fort Lauderdale Web Designers

Fort Lauderdale web designers generally calls for the use of a WordPress site, and this is put into practice for two reasons. For one, the design is absolutely beautiful and allows for a dynamic that would have been nearly impossible in the older days. Secondly, the end user will be able to edit the page text to their heart’s content after the fact even if they are unfamiliar with HTML or CSS. With WordPress, it is also much easier to add a shopping cart function to the site, making it possible for customers to purchase without interacting directly with the ‘shop owner’. This makes things considerably easier on both ends!

With easy access to the website as well as the user’s individual account, websites like these will rule the internet both on the home computer and the mobile device. Tablets and phones are become far more connected than ever before, and with this sort of responsive web design, even the more basic feature phones will be able to join in, albeit with somewhat limited functionality.

The world is changing and the internet is moving along with it as technology evolves – our web designers at Fort Lauderdale knows that very well. It is hard to tell where we will be going next, but as a business, you will want to be at the forefront of technology, standing proud and prepared to deliver the best of the best to your customers. You can trust our experienced web development team with design of your new website with the search engines in mind and latest internet features and techniques in place.

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