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27 10, 2014

Custom Web Design Fort Lauderdale


Here at Ewebproject, we provide the best custom web design in Fort Lauderdale. Every business website with shopping cart functionality requires easy access to the customer online shop and a fast checkout process. Our company makes certain that every custom designed website gets the proper functionality out of their customized ecommerce web design for [...]

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6 08, 2014

Types of links Google does not like


Very important part of any good web design is website and its content optimization. Setting up simple, user friendly and logical navigation is just a part of your web design frame. Later when you gain many content pages within your website - only smart linking, between your web pages, will allow your visitors to find [...]

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29 05, 2013

Whats new in WordPress 3.5.1?


With the release of WordPress 3.5.1, we will get a several bugs and issues fixed. It is always a good idea to keep your version of WP updated - but remember, before you will perform such upgrade (which is relatively easy - pretty much one click of the button) ALWAYS back up your database and [...]

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