Very important part of any good web design is website and its content optimization. Setting up simple, user friendly and logical navigation is just a part of your web design frame. Later when you gain many content pages within your website – only smart linking, between your web pages, will allow your visitors to find exactly content they are looking for and not to get lost. A good web designer has also SEO knowledge and follows Google and other search engines best practices guide. Our local web design Fort Lauderdale company can assist you not only with deign projects, but also with smart and strategic internal linking, SEO and backlink building which will help you rank on the top of search results.

Another publishing element where designer or SEO specialist must be careful is building popularity and ranking by backlinks to your website, from articles, guest posting or simply paid links. Google has updated their link schemes web page that shows examples of backlinks that Google considers spam. There are more backlink types that might get your website actually drop in Google ranking.

1. Google does not like paid links

Buying or selling links that pass PageRank can negatively impact your website’s ranking in search results. Not only do not buy backlinks, but also do not sell it! You will risk your rankings.

2. Google does not like excessive link exchanges

Exchanging links with other websites is fine and normal for most websites as long as it looks natural and subject of both websites is somehow related. But if the cross-linking looks unnatural (e.g. the real estate website links to a cancer research website, and vice verse), Google might think that you’re trying to build unnatural links.

3. Google does not like large-scale article marketing or guest posting campaigns
It’s okay to publish your articles and guest posts on other websites as long as you don’t do it in bulk. If you do guest posts just to get keyword rich backlinks, your website might get penalized.

4. Google does not like automated programs or services that create backlinks to your site
You’ve probably seen the ads for tools and services that promise hundreds (if not thousands) of backlinks with very little work. Avoid tools and web services that automatically build backlinks to your website – its very simple, if you were able to find these services, Google’s spam team can find them, too!

5. Google does not like text ads that pass PageRank
If you run a text ad on another website, make sure that is uses the rel=nofollow attribute in the link. Otherwise, Google might think that it is a manipulative backlink.

6. Google does not like advertorials and ads that include links that pass PageRank
As are rule of thumb, always use links with the rel=nofollow attribute if you pay for an article or an ad. If the ad includes a paid link that passes PageRank, it might trigger a penalty.

7. Google does not like links with optimized anchor text in articles or press releases
If your article contains paragraphs that look like the following, you might invite Google’s spam algorithm to take a closer look at your website:

8. Google does not like links from low quality directories or bookmark sites
If you’re submitting your website to hundreds of Internet directories that will never send you a single visitor, you don’t need to bother. These links won’t help your Google rankings.

9. Google does not like widely distributed links in the footers of various websites
Some websites put keyword rich links to other websites in their footers. These links are always paid links and you should not use them to promote your website.
This does not apply to ‘About us’ or ‘Privacy policy’ footer links but to backlinks such as ‘buy flowers’ or ‘buy tires.’

10. Google does not like links that are embedded in widgets that are distributed across various sites
Some widget developers offer free widgets that contain links to other websites: “Visitors to this page: 1,234 – buy my super-awesome app”

11. Google does not like forum comments with optimized links in the post or signature
Some tools automatically post comments in forums:

“That’s really great information! Thanks a lot!
buy wedding rings buy cars best tires”