There are thousands of local businesses in Fort Lauderdale area, thousands of shops, services, institutions etc. In modern age all of them need some kind of web presence. Even if you own multi-million dollars office or shop for your Fort Lauderdale business, without website – your business is not completely setup to prosper. When I say website I mean web design made with all modern Web 3.0 design requirements and mobile accessibility – in other words responsive web design. Since you are running local business it is a good idea to hire local Web Design Fort Lauderdale company to develop your business or ecommerce web design and make sure it is mobile friendly.

Not every Fort Lauderdale company needs Magento Ecommerce Web Design, even if you are running local or online store – there are many other online shop website options; but for Ecommerce businesses with huge amount of products and high visitors traffic Magento web design is unquestionable the first choice.

So, Magento Responsive Web Design or Magento Mobile App?

Well, it all depends. If you are running your Fort Lauderdale ecommerce business for some time now, chances are that you already have Magento web design developed and running with possible hundreds of products, many custom static pages, advertisement banners etc. In this case turning entire online store web design into responsive web design will be pretty costly and in some cases impossible – this is when – Mobile App Magento feature is worth considering.

In case you just start a local Fort Lauderdale shop or expanding your online presence with new Ecommerce web design then definitely you should go with responsive design of template for your Magento store and you may start search for developer with us – local Web Design Fort Lauderdale company, specializing in Magento Ecommerce and responsive website development.

Magento Mobile App Functionality

Magento Mobile App - Design tabIf you owe Magento website – I’m sure you’ve notice a ‘Mobile’ tab within your main back-end navigation, but probably never click on it What this tab does is allowing you to create (without any HTML knowledge) Mobile App for your existing online store. With few clicks (and few more dollars) you can create a Mobile version of your store, with its current categories, pages, products and of curse purchase functionality. Let’s go through entire set up process .
Once in ‘Mobile’ tab, first you have to create one by clicking on ‘Add App’ button. This will open first selection window to select device it is intent to serve. Your options are listed in drop down menu: iPad (and Tablets), iPhone and Android – unfortunately you have to create separate app for each of your choices. Once you select app you want to create – click ‘Continue’ which will open full App management page.

Magento Mobile App - product viewAs you can see here, just like I stated before, no programming knowledge is required to create the whole app – all editing tabs are pretty straightforward. In ‘General’ simply give it name (not visible for visitors); ‘Device’ is pre-assigned; and ‘Catalog Only App’ yes/no is simply request to decide if mobile version of your ecommerce website will show products only or also informative static pages of your site.

Save and submit Mobile App‘Design’ tab allow you to edit its look with few simple settings. You are able to upload small log image (35px x35px) Main banner, background image (for some devices) as well as set a colors and fonts to be used. App will automatically re-size all of your product images so these few quick design settings is all you have to do before go Mobile Live. Every other tab you may live with default settings. Click ‘Save’ to save the app.

app4Once your Magento Mobile App is ready – click on ‘Save and Submit App’ tab. Here is the final step of publishing it – entering Activation Key which you have to purchase first. These apps are not free, and cost pretty penny, actually all 699 Dollars per Year worth pennies. More to it, price of $699/year is PER APP – so if you want all 3 apps for all 3 mobile devices, to work for Magento store you are looking at $2097 cost per year.

app5Well yes, it is kind of expensive – but as you can see very easy to do by yourself without getting developer involved and in today’s online marketing mobile functionality is a must! So you may consider this option for temporary solution while redesigning your current Magento into responsive web design.