Web Design is a Key to Success!
When it comes to web design and SEO, Fort Lauderdale is flooded with talented designers and programmers that can bring your business to life online. If you have a website but you just aren’t satisfied with it, you may need to spruce it up with a fresh new design that gives it a “wow” factor. If you’ve already decided it’s time to revamp your website, there are few things that you should know. For example, when a visitor that enters your site he/she will lose interest if he or she is not able to find what they are looking for. So it’s important to make the best first impression possible to your visitor by having a clear message, a impressive design and an perfect user experience. With a unique and modern web design your business will benefit from converting more visitors in to paying customers, not all web designers in Fort Lauderdale will provide you with this type of professional service. With all the technical details of knowing what to expect from a professional web designer, how can you know if you are making the right choice? After reading this post, you should feel a bit more experienced and comfortable with some of the important technical terms and what they mean so that you have a modern and up date looking web site that gets traffic from the search engines without having to pay for clicks. There is no reason why any website owner should not spend some time learning about what they are about to invest a decent amount of money in so I hope you enjoy reading and gaining some insights from this post!

Mobile Responsive Web Design, Simple Navigation and SEO Fort Lauderdale Florida

Some of the best practices that are used by Web Design experts in Fort Lauderdale include having a 100% mobile responsive design. A responsive web design is one that will adjust the layout of the websites components to ensure that the device user does not have to zoom in to read text. In the case of having a a responsive site, the look and feel of the website will provide a better user experience. To see a perfect example of what the difference is between a mobile site and a desktop site would look like, you can visit this website from an iPhone or any mobile phone. You will see that the images and text all adjust so that you won’t have to zoom in, making the text and images easier to read and see. We practice what we preach as the best Fort Lauderdale Web Design company by having a well optimized and mobile responsive website.

Search Engine Optimization
Another important aspect of having a professional website includes having a very easy to follow navigation and lay out. More importantly, your layout needs to tend to the interest of the user which is where SEO comes into play. Having a well planned navigation is going to be crucial, each page should tend to the interest of the user and provide the most efficient navigation path. If you owned a roofing company, you don’t just want to have all of your services on one page that is over 10,000 words. You will want to divide your services into pages and categories. For example you may want to have new roof installation section of your website and a roof repair section. When a visitor lands on your home page, you may want to have these categories in your main navigation so it is easy for them to find. The sub category options for these types of services may include new tile roof installation or new shingle roof installations while the roof repair category has a tile roof repair and a shingle roof repair section. The simplicity of having this easy to follow navigation will prevent the users who are impatient and that want an answer fast from leaving your site right away.

Having more pages that are uniquely optimized for relevant keywords will allow you to have more opportunities to get traffic from the search engines too. The more pages you have, the more granular your keyword groups are. For example you can focus all of your energy ranking your tile roof repair page by only optimizing that page for keywords related to file roof repairs rather than a large list of broad keywords that are not related to each other. To give you another example as to why this is beneficial, you are only allowed to use up to 70 characters in your title tag and 160-180 in your description, if you only have a small group of keywords this can be done more efficiently. If you optimize your page titles and descriptions, add some high quality content to your website with the right keywords in the titles and body of each page, you will be on your way to getting some free traffic from Google. Now, depending on how competitive your keywords are, you may of course need to do more than that but if you are selling a services or product that is not that popular your chances of ranking are higher. For more info on search engine optimization, you can always give us a call or send us a message and we would be glad to help you.

These basic best practices when used to enhance your websites appearance can go a long way. And with your newly acquired knowledge you now know how to SEO Fort Lauderdale websites that you or your friends own. Of course there are many other advanced things that you can do with web design and search engine optimization but today we just are going to scratch the surface. For any questions that you may have I recommend filling out our contact us form. And like always, remember that when it comes to Fort Lauderdale Web Designs, Ewebproject is the go to source for all things web design and programming related.