Choosing The Right Website Developer

Professional website design will help grow your business
Thinking about getting your website redesign or getting a new website developed for your new business? In Fort Lauderdale web development firms are everywhere and it can be hard to choose the right web design agency for the job. In most cases a programmer is not really always good at web design or graphic design, it can be hard to find both. If you happen to find a web developer who is also a very skilled graphic designer you can save money this way. Programming and graphic design require two totally different skill sets. What it takes to make a fully custom eCommerce Web development is completely different to what it takes to build a fancy banner or logo. As a business owner it is important to know what you are spending your money on, so when you are going to contract a web designer or developer to design ecommerce Magento or a WordPress website for you make sure to get a little product knowledge before blindly signing a check.

Aside from the obvious, having a web developer who is also a graphic designer can be extremely helpful if you have many websites that need to be managed. Often times business owners who have multiple websites will need many graphic changes done on the fly as well as programming requests fulfilled in a very impromptu way. Finding a graphic designer who is also a talented ecommerce web developer is like finding a needle in a haystack, when you find one you should always keep them in your contacts. Let’s discuss some of the finer details related to gauging the precision of a graphic designer and then a web developer.

Phony? Or Professional Fort Lauderdale Web Developer

Grapgic design is part of web development
It can be hard to tell if you don’t know what to look for. A professional web designer or graphic designer for one should have a really awesome website with extremely professional graphics and an overall amazing design. If you want a bunch of landing pages for a Google PPC campaign with unique banners for each one, you are going to want to have some nice graphic banners made quickly. A professional graphic designer can do this job for you and he should be able to demonstrate this skill if you are looking for a lot of graphic design work. I would obviously recommend looking into their portfolio, in Fort Lauderdale, web design companies are all over the place, you can easily find a few online by making a few Google searches and looking for the most professional looking web sites, typically if they have a professionally designed website then that means they can develop one for you.

If you need a customized site with unique functionalities like have a booking engine or a dynamic database synced to your CRM then you are going to need a developer with experience with ecommerce CMS’s like Magento and others that large ecommerce website developers would know how to use.
Lets say you need to have a product feed from a manufacturing company on your ecommerce website because you are a reseller, if that is the case then you will need a professional web developer in Fort Lauderdale to handle this type of work. Often times you can find a good web designer by checking into linkedin groups or Facebook groups that are for web developers and in a rare case you may find one with graphic design skills too.

Custom functionalities are often needed to integrate seamless transitions from sales to inventory management systems. Implementing these type of features to a website requires a unique skill set and a fine attention to detail, hiring just any web development company in Fort Lauderdale can be risky, especially if you have a large project which requires a large budget. Make sure that before you choose to hire a person or team for the job that you look into the recent programs or accomplishments that they have completed. If they have a portfolio or a demo for a program they have coded then you know that they are probably the “real deal”.

As obvious as all of this might sound, many business owners are too occupied with running a business and they tend to just go with word of mouth referrals from friends or colleagues. Websites are expensive to build, and if you just blindly choose to work with someone based on a word or mouth referral you can end up getting into big problems. The best thing to do as a business owner is to invest a little time into making the right choice when hiring a web design agency.

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