About Chris Zboropany

Im a website developer and graphic designer with over 13 years of experience. My specialty is Ecommerce Website Design and Shopping Cart Configuration, as well as WordPress design or generally HTML/PHP development. Im also experienced Graphic Designer and Video Editor. Im fluent in entire Adobe CS application, include Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Premiere to name a few.
2 07, 2015

Affordable Ecommerce Web Design


Looking for an affordable E-commerce website design company to handle your business needs? Our goal is to provide each client with complete satisfaction and the lowest possible rates. We build websites that are conversion driven and search engine friendly. Whether you need a simple shopping site with only a few dozen products or a massive [...]

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30 06, 2015

Small Business Web Design


JammInUSA.com – Fort Lauderdale Business Website Design w/ Ecommerce Another Florida small business goes viral online with help of Fort Lauderdale Business Web Design Team at Ewebproject. Jammin USA can now offer their amazing jams to nationwide clientele While heading to the store to buy your jam might seem like an outstanding idea, you must [...]

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23 06, 2015

Shopping Cart Web Design


DanaiDesigns.com – Business Website w/ Ecommerce Functionality The web is changing so are shopping cart websites. Our Fort Lauderdale web design team not only recognizing it, but also acting on it with our business clients in mind way – by adding all newest Shopping Cart functionality options into our ecommerce designs. When you are running [...]

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22 06, 2015

Fort Lauderdale Magento Mobile Web Design


There are thousands of local businesses in Fort Lauderdale area, thousands of shops, services, institutions etc. In modern age all of them need some kind of web presence. Even if you own multi-million dollars office or shop for your Fort Lauderdale business, without website – your business is not completely setup to prosper. When I [...]

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16 06, 2015

Fort Lauderdale Web Design – Financial Services


www.EcigMerchantAccounts.com - Financial Services Websitedesigned by Fort Lauderdale Developers The world is changing in terms of technology and responsive web design is more important than ever before. If you take the Ecig Merchant Accounts web design for example you will see that it is not designed in nearly the same way as websites from years [...]

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16 06, 2015

Web Design for Fort Lauderdale Aircraft Maintenance


aircraftmaintencesystemco.com - Aircraft Services Website Design When it comes to the aviation industry there is nothing quite as important as keeping planes in the air, and of course, having the parts to do so. Located in Fort Lauderdale AMS, or Aircraft Management Systems is an outstanding provider of some of the best parts in the [...]

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10 06, 2015

Ecigarettes Ecommerce Website Design


VaporConnoisseur.com - WordPress Shopping Cart Design Our Fort Lauderdale ecommerce web design team is proud to present a Vapor Connoisseur, an Wordpress based shopping cart. Website provides all common shopping cart services for vaping enthusiasts. Beside of obvious ecigarette products shopping cart functionality, website design contain static informative pages and blog with important info for [...]

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4 06, 2015

Online Tickets Web Design


GushEvents.com – Vendors & Ticket selling website design There are some websites that can afford to be long and drawn out, but there are also those that need to present a quick, smooth, and clean interface to the average user. Let’s face it, with the technology available today, the old method of web surfing simply [...]

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